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Meet Rolf

With deep roots in Brandon, Rolf Dinsdale is a native son whose family’s connection to Manitoba stretches back 120 years. Rolf has travelled far and wide, but has always been proud to call Manitoba home; the place where his family lives, where he began his education at Park School, launched his career at Riding Mountain National Park, and learned the value of generosity, hard work and perseverance.

Rolf earned degrees from the University of Western Ontario (majoring in political science and French) and Carleton University (majoring in communications). He built a successful career in print and digital media based in Ottawa and Toronto, but has always maintained strong roots in Manitoba. From 2004-2007 he served as a publisher of the award-winning Canadian magazine The Walrus. He then became the senior executive responsible for Facebook’s business development in Canada at their agency partner Segal Communications, and led the Facebook Canada team until 2009. Recently, Rolf was part of the executive team that launched broadcast company Blue Ant Media. Rolf has built a record of professional success by launching innovative media products, creating jobs in the emerging tech economy, demonstrating strong business acumen, and utilizing his boundless creative energy.

Rolf is the youngest son of the Hon. Walter Dinsdale, who served Brandon-Souris as a Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament for 32 years and as Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources under Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker. He is the grandson of George Dinsdale, who served Brandon as Mayor and MLA, and L.B. Gusdal, who pioneered the Clear Lake resort. He is also the proud father of Maia. Rolf looks forward to continuing this proud tradition of service to Brandon-Souris with honesty, transparency, accessibility and integrity.

“I believe that Justin Trudeau is the only leader – and the Liberal Party of Canada is the only party – who share the values of hard work and community spirit with the people of Brandon-Souris. This is the best place in Canada to live, work and raise a family. But we can only secure our prosperity by working together, respecting our neighbours, and taking advantage of the opportunities of the future today. Stephen Harper just doesn’t get it. The Conservative government has lost its way. It is constantly mired in scandal and is ignoring the needs of middle-class families. I want to help lead a Canada that is open, transparent and ready to face the future with optimism and hard work. I hope you’ll join me in this journey to build a better future for Brandon-Souris.”  

- Rolf Dinsdale